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why does dail-up or pppoe access always has session-timeout ?

Because PPPOE comes from PPP, which was designed for dialup.  You typically don't want to leave a dialup connection up forever.

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Date: 05/30/2013 5:11 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: why does dail-up or pppoe access always has session-timeout ?

  a question  obsessed me for a long time.  "why my  pppoe connection to internet has a max session time, even if every thing goes ok? "
  In our DSL access network , max session timeout is set to 4 days, this parameter is sent to BAS by radius server after finishing authenticating procedure.  As I know,   beside us some other service providers also applied this parameter to pppoe session, the parameter varies from   48 hours to 96 hours.   Reading  documents of BAS, we found this is default value for session-time on BAS, that means even if    radius server does not response BAS with  session-timeout attribute  BAS will cut pppoe session after sometime.    so , why does those BAS designer or  protocol designer  set such a parameter for  pppoe access ?
should anyone do me a favor on explaining  this ?