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why does dail-up or pppoe access always has session-timeout ?

The simple answer is that it does not.

If you don't specify a session timeout, the session will not timeout.

This is how we run our PPPoE services.

The protocol and BAS designer does not set the parameter - the 
network operator does.

At 05:10 AM 30/05/2013, Joe wrote:
>   a question  obsessed me for a long time.  "why my  pppoe 
> connection to internet has a max session time, even if every thing goes ok? "
>   In our DSL access network , max session timeout is set to 4 days, 
> this parameter is sent to BAS by radius server after finishing 
> authenticating procedure.  As I know,   beside us some other 
> service providers also applied this parameter to pppoe session, the 
> parameter varies from   48 hours to 96 hours.   Reading  documents 
> of BAS, we found this is default value for session-time on BAS, 
> that means even if    radius server does not response BAS 
> with  session-timeout attribute  BAS will cut pppoe session after 
> sometime.    so , why does those BAS designer or  protocol 
> designer  set such a parameter for  pppoe access ?
>should anyone do me a favor on explaining  this ?


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