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Intermapper vs NetBrain vs some other for NMS

On 03/08/2013 11:55 AM, Jason Lixfeld wrote:

> I did use OpenNMS for a while before switching to InterMapper, but
> ONMS's discovery/mapping was very broken at the time, it was a PITA
> to set up and manage and I don't know if it's gotten much getter in
> the last couple of years since.

Hey Jason :)  I believe you and I interacted a few times on the OpenNMS
mailing lists.

As a quick update addressing only the areas you mention, we added in the
1.8 series a new, massively scalable, policy-driven provisioning
subsystem that can replace Capsd.  So if by "discovery" you mean "node /
interface / service scanning behavior", then yes, great strides there.

Mapping is also much improved.  The old SVG topo map, which at one point
worked only in Internet Explorer with the Adobe SVG plugin (blech), now
works in any modern WebKit or Gecko browser.  There's also a whole slew
of entirely new map options (both topo and geo) in the upcoming 1.12
releases.  Well worth a look.

Installation, setup, and administration have also seen continued
improvements, with better packaging and an ever-dwindling set of
configuration changes requiring a restart.

As always, the whole OpenNMS platform is still 100% free and open-source