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Intermapper vs NetBrain vs some other for NMS

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Cacti for this type of thing.  If you have the Monitor, Threshold, and Weathermap plugins installed, it's very extensible and would probably meet your needs well.  Weathermap has a decent in-app designer that has a Visio feel.  The hate part comes when dealing with its poller and RRD processing, which are a bit of a pain to troubleshoot when they go on the fritz.  Also, it has a bit of a learning curve, mainly due to the extensibility it allows, and initially getting it going takes some work (some Linux CLI skills).  I'm not sure how it compares to NetBrain or Intermapper, but Cacti is open source and doesn't have a commercial support option.  Not sure if that's something you're looking for, just FYI. 

-- Jeff

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Subject: Intermapper vs NetBrain vs some other for NMS

Hi all:

I'm looking for information anyone might have comparing Intermapper to NetBrain for NMS.  Stuff like devices up/down, interface utilization, building maps for documentation, etc.  IMO, Intermapper works great, when it works.  Tech support has been slow and often cannot fix the problems, not to mention they release updates about once every other week.

Anyone familiar with any similar products?  We are presently evaluating NetBrain and it seems really nice.  We really like the Visio-like aspect of it.


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