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Big day for IPv6 - 1% native penetration

On Nov 26, 2012, at 10:36 PM, Cameron Byrne wrote:

> Ipv6 is not important for users, it is important for network operators who want to sustain their business.

I agree with the first part; not sure I agree with the second part.

> Nope. Nobody will leave money on the table by alienating users.

I think it may be possible to make money with compelling IPv6-only content/services/applications.

> Apple and msft os' s now make a clear judgement on that. So, you need to update your perspective.

I'm not very interested in their judgement.  So, I'm quite happy with my perspective, thanks.

> Does not matter. And it will not happen.

Proof by repeated assertion doesn't sway me.

> The better question, for an isp, is what kind of ipv4 secondary market budget do you have? How hot is your cgn running?  Like ALGs much ? Security and attribute much ?

These are important, yes.

> Again , users dont care or know about v4 or v6. This is purely a network operator and app issue (cough cough ... skype).

It's my contention that IPv6 won't be widely deployed unless/until end-customers call up their ISPs demanding this 'IPv6 or whatever' thing they need to accomplish some goal they have.

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