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Big day for IPv6 - 1% native penetration

> > The better question, for an isp, is what kind of ipv4 secondary market
budget do you have?
> How hot is your cgn running?  Like ALGs much ? Security and attribute much
> These are important, yes.
> > Again , users dont care or know about v4 or v6. This is purely a network
operator and app
> issue (cough cough ... skype).
> It's my contention that IPv6 won't be widely deployed unless/until
end-customers call up their
> ISPs demanding this 'IPv6 or whatever' thing they need to accomplish some
goal they have.

There are two basic value propositions:  IPv6 is better, or IPv6 is cheaper.
You argue that it
must be better.
I presented my argument in Dallas, that IPv6 will be cheaper than IPv4 when
ISPs' costs to 
expand an IPv4 network rise.  Some ISPs will, no doubt, raise prices for
IPv4 service.  Then
IPv6 will be in demand.  We can even express this now to app developers and
electronics makers:  "Don't let your app/device be the one that costs your
customer extra 
dollars every month.  Especially if your competitor's app/device does
support IPv6."

There are significant deployments of residential IPv6 now.

I'm not expecting content over IPv6 just yet (unless it's a pre-release
publicity stunt).
I do expect some ISP in the next two years to offer an IPv6-only service at
a discount to