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Fiber terminations -- UPC vs APC

Looking for some guidance/references on the use of UPC versus APC terminations on fiber
cabling.  Traditionally we have done all of our fiber plant targeting data usage with
UPC connectors.  We are also looking at proposals for fiber distribution plant for
video, and the possibility of using some of the existing fiber plant for that purpose;
as well as any new fiber plant that gets installed for video potentially as data.

The video folks are set, determined, and insistent that they need APC terminations.

All data references I have found preach UPC.  Cisco's SFP reference page even states (in

> *Note:* Only connections with patch cords with PC or UPC connectors are supported.
> Patch cords with APC connectors are not supported. All cables and cable assemblies
> used must be compliant with the standards specified in the standards section.

So are we doomed to having physically separated fiber plants with suitable connectors /
jumpers dedicated to video?  Anyone been down this snaky looking path?