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dhcpy6d - a MAC address aware DHCPv6 server

 cool.  this is the fifth version of a DHCP server modified to work
 with IPv4 and IPv6 in accord with the DHCP specs.

 a feature request...  some sites run IVI,  and so the have a MAC and
 and v6 address and need to be dynamically assigned a v4 address.  My crude
 attempt uses the last 48bits of the v6 address asa proxy MAC.  It works
 ok in my small network.  It might be useful in larger nets that run IVI
 or carrier-grade NAT ...  


On Mon, Nov 05, 2012 at 09:14:54AM +0100, Henri Wahl wrote:
> Hello World,
> like other people we had the problem that existing DHCPv6 servers do not
> evaluate the MAC address of clients, following RFC 3315. The IPv4
> clients already are managed via their MAC addresses so we wanted to use
> these identifiers for IPv6 too for our dualstack network.
> At the end we had to write our own DHCPv6 server dhcpy6d which I want to
> present here to a larger audience. It runs on Linux, tested on Debian
> and CentOS. It gets the client MAC addresses from neighbor cache by
> calling "ip -6 neigh" and caches them itself, allowing to access the
> already working MAC-based IPv4 infrastructure. This obviously only works
> on the local subnet but might be worked around with several servers
> being connected via database storage of clients and leases.
> Features are:
> - identifies clients by MAC address, DUID or hostname
> - generates addresses randomly, by MAC address, by range or by given ID
> - filters clients by MAC, DUID or hostname
> - assignes more than one address per client
> - allows to organize clients in different classes
> - stores leases in MySQL or SQLite database
> - client information can be retrieved from database or textfile
> - dynamically updates DNS (Bind)
> We run it with ~500 clients without problems. I am interested if it
> would run in larger environments too. If not, how to make it running.
> Bugs and ideas how to improve it are welcome too.
> Packages are not yet available but the Python code should run as is.
> See further details at http://dhcpy6d.ifw-dresden.de
> Best regards
> Henri Wahl
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