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Re: Advisory — D-root is changing its IPv4 address on the 3rd of January.

On Dec 15, 2012, at 4:58 PM, Mark Andrews <marka at isc.org> wrote:

>> I realise that keeping the old IP functional for some time is important
>> for all the static configurations. But does it matter if a dynamic list
>> is updated "real time" without much advance warning ?
> 3 weeks is not a lot of "advance warning".

3 weeks is plenty for a service that in 6 months you may see degraded to 12/13 capacity if you haven't properly maintained it AND it is used for recursive service.  (trusting a referral from a root or sub-root delegation to the root is crazy!).

I could only wish my automobile would notify me 6 months of its impending failure should I take no action...

Oh, and you can just download the root zone from ftp://ftp.internic.net/domain/root.zone ...

- Jared