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Advisory — D-root is changing its IPv4 address on the 3rd of January.

On 12-12-14 15:13, Jason Castonguay wrote:

> I've given 3 weeks + 6 months (at least) notice on a service change that
> will not be noticed by most anyone.  

Upon hearing your announcement, I went and dig myself a new root.hints
file from one of the root servers. the "D" root is still pointing to the
old address. So I had to go in and manually edit the root.hints file
myself. I blame you for all that extra work :-)

Would there be any impact to having the root servers immediatly provide
the new IP for the D server so that a
dig ns . @a.root-servers.net. > root.hints  would yield the new updated
file ?

I realise that keeping the old IP functional for some time is important
for all the static configurations. But does it matter if a dynamic list
is updated "real time" without much advance warning ?