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SORBS contact

Paul Graydon wrote:
> It's pretty much customer service 101 to ensure that you keep your
> communications as neutral and polite as possible, regardless of how
> frustrated or vilified you feel by the person you're supporting, and
> regardless of how tired you are of accusatory tickets.  Being snarky
> back gains little, if anything, and just helps promote a bad
> reputation.  People forget good customer service (unless it surpasses
> that to brilliant), but remember bad service.

You will find that all responses from SORBS support staff to support
requests are very helpful, polite and customer service orientated -
there have been many exceptions in the past, but for sometime we have
been working on it to ensure that the issues of the past are not
repeated.  Note: threats (legal or violence) are not answered by support
staff, there is a blunt and factual templated response that goes out to
any such messages.

That said, emails to people directly that either do not deal with
support, or are not support email addresses may not get the same polite
helpful response.

I think most of us have experienced that from many organisations past
and present, and SORBS is certainly has been on *that* list.



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