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Comcast Bussiness Class and GRE Tunnels

 On Wed, 27 Jul 2011 10:15:04 -0500, David E. Smith wrote:
>> WT*F*?  I've never understood the appeal of Microtik, and now I 
>> understand
>> it even less.
> The software is... quirky, at times, but some of their hardware, 
> especially
> on the very low-end, is hard to beat.
> For instance, they make a SOHO router with five Gigabit Ethernet 
> ports for
> $70, which has point-and-click access to MPLS, DHCP (server and 
> client), a
> few different flavors of VPN including IPSec, and a bunch of other 
> stuff. It
> even supports BGP, though you're not going to do very much with that
> system's 32MB RAM.
> If you really wanted, you could buy the hardware then re-flash it 
> with
> something else; the CPU on this particular system is a MIPS 24K, and 
> there's
> probably other embedded Linux/*BSD distributions that would work well
> enough.
> David Smith
> MVN.net
 I guess vendors are just not interested.

 D-Link DIR-600, here in Lebanon $30. Zyxel Keenetic also similar price. 
 Only one problem, Mikrotik are 32Mbyte flash, and those are 8Mbyte.
 My friend developing firmware for this platform (RT3050/3052, Wive-RTNL 
 project) and can put almost any software there, it is opensource 
 As benefit this Ralink platform has hardware wirespeed(100Mbit) NAT 
 offload on RT3052, and guy able to make it work even on 3050 (even 
 officially it is not supported there). Technically it is possible to run 
 gigabit there even, but current vendors do not produce such products.
 I think on cheap platforms, they have wirespeed gigabit only on 
 switching functions, but rest will suck. Their top products can do more, 
 but they are still cannot beat PC with Linux. RB1100, $400 for 150 Kpps 
 with NAT and 300 Kpps without, it is not that good.

 The only major and important difference in "schematics" with routers 
 that can be reflashed is flash size and sometimes RAM. 64Mbit SPI flash 
 2.12$, and Mikrotik uses this days 512Mbit NAND, $7.01 . ALso they have 
 nice circuits for variable power, with DC-DC converter, but nothing 
 unusual or innovative, like Cisco or others has. Before they had some 
 funny circuit with Xilinx FPGA to run NOR flash over SPI.
 Note: DD-WRT on RT305x suck. Their wireless support are incomplete, and 
 no NAT offload.

 System administrator
 Denys Fedoryshchenko
 Virtual ISP S.A.L.