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Comcast Bussiness Class and GRE Tunnels

 On Tue, 26 Jul 2011 10:07:37 -0500, Nate Burke wrote:
> Hello, I'm hoping that someone here might have run into a similar
> issue and might be able to offer me some pointers.
> Anyone with Insights or comments would be appreciated.
 Mikrotik EOIP are not following standards, it is just their own hack, 
 so it is very possible that some SPI in Comcast breaking it.
 Additionally some Mikrotik versions doesn't work properly with their 
 own EOIP even, plus it has fragmentation issues. Fragmentation issues 
 usually appears on large transfers, such as "stalling" sessions.
 I wrote my own implementation of Mikrotik EOIP for Linux, so i know 
 what i am talking about, also in same code i wrote alternative tunnel, 
 that has much less overhead than EOIP (compression + packets 
 aggregation), but sure you need linux both side.

 I can recommend you to try to use openvpn, if you are "Mikrotik only". 
 At least it doesn't have fragmentation issues, as IPIP/GRE/PPTP has, and 
 also it will run smoothly over NAT/SPI. Cons, that it is a bit more 
 laggy, because it runs over TCP.

 System administrator
 Denys Fedoryshchenko
 Virtual ISP S.A.L.