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Comcast Bussiness Class and GRE Tunnels

> WT*F*?  I've never understood the appeal of Microtik, and now I understand
> it even less.
The software is... quirky, at times, but some of their hardware, especially
on the very low-end, is hard to beat.

For instance, they make a SOHO router with five Gigabit Ethernet ports for
$70, which has point-and-click access to MPLS, DHCP (server and client), a
few different flavors of VPN including IPSec, and a bunch of other stuff. It
even supports BGP, though you're not going to do very much with that
system's 32MB RAM.

If you really wanted, you could buy the hardware then re-flash it with
something else; the CPU on this particular system is a MIPS 24K, and there's
probably other embedded Linux/*BSD distributions that would work well

David Smith