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What vexes VoIP users?

On 28 Feb 2011, at 18:29, Bret Clark wrote:

> On 02/28/2011 01:17 PM, Leigh Porter wrote:
>> VoIP at the last mile is just too niche at the moment. It's for people on this list, not my mother.
>> --
>> Leigh
> Baloney...if that was the case, then all these ILEC's wouldn't be whining about POT's lines decreasing exponentially year over year!

And how many grandmothers do you think are responsible for this downturn? Not many I'll bet. The downturn will be down to cell phones and the odd person who gets cable and finds they can do with skype or something.

People are not, en-masse, going away from POTS and towards plugging a VoIP device into the back of their router.

Leigh Porter