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What vexes VoIP users?


POTS lets me plug almost anything in from the past who-knows-how-many-years and it just works. When it breaks, I can go next door and borrow a telephone.

When I can pick up an automagically configured VoIP device from a huge selection down at the local electronics shop and when it just works at my house and my kids houses then it will be interesting.

VoIP at the last mile is just too niche at the moment. It's for people on this list, not my mother.


On 28 Feb 2011, at 17:55, <nanog at ilk.net> wrote:

> Power supply!
> Old POTS is remote-power-suplied,
> so the phone will work for hours, days or even weeks
> from remote battery power.
> In my area, one mobile network was off after 4h,
> the other after 10h, 
> but my good-old analogue telefone did work all the
> time during an 40h power outage (it was 11 years ago). 
> Juergen.
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>> Some provider woes:
>> FAX over VOIP is a PITA.  I've not yet seen an ATA or 
>> softswitch that handled it reliably.
>> E911 for mobile devices sucks.  Regulations, and the E911 
>> system, do not seem to have the flexibility for handling this 
>> in a seamless way.
>> Call routing (on a more global scale) sucks.  Keeping calls 
>> pure IP is sexy, but the routing protocol for it is 
>> nonexistent (and please don't say ENUM).