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What vexes VoIP users?

On 2/28/2011 1:29 PM, Bret Clark wrote:
> On 02/28/2011 01:17 PM, Leigh Porter wrote:
>> VoIP at the last mile is just too niche at the moment. It's for 
>> people on this list, not my mother.
>> -- 
>> Leigh
> Baloney...if that was the case, then all these ILEC's wouldn't be 
> whining about POT's lines decreasing exponentially year over year!
Very true, remember that VOIP includes Packet Cable (as opposed to SIP 
from Vonage etc all)  from cable providers which is largely a POTs 
replacement service from the end users stand point.  Comcast is now a 
top 5 phone provider in the US.  This is anecdotal, but most of the 
Magic Jack (which is SIP AFAIK) purchases I see are non-technical people.

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