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ipv6 transit over tunneled connection

I have both Level3 and NTT v6 connections and there are no additional
charges for the service.  I recall NTT had one a few years ago, but I
think that's fallen by the wayside.

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On 2/17/11 7:01 PM, "Jack Carrozzo" <jack at crepinc.com> wrote:

>We pick up v6 from HE currently (like the rest of the world). L3 offered
>dual stack also, but they wanted money to set it up plus MRC. None of our
>Bits That Matter (tm) go over v6 anyhow. (I guess the right phrase would
>"revenue producing bits").
>-Jack Carrozzo
>On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 9:51 AM, Eric Van Tol <eric at atlantech.net> wrote:
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>> > I'm curious what providers have not gotten their IPv6
>> > plans/networks/customer ports enabled.
>> >
>> > I know that Comcast is doing their trials now (Thanks John!) and will
>> > presenting at the upcoming NANOG about their experiences.
>> >
>> > What parts of the big "I" Internet are not enabled or ready?
>> >
>> We don't see Savvis, Level3, or AboveNet with IPv6 capabilities in our
>> region (DC).  Two years ago, neither Verizon or AT&T had IPv6, either.
>> sure about them now, as we no longer use them for transit.  One would
>> everyone would have v6 capabilities in the heart of government
>> but okay.
>> For whatever reason, Verio actually charges (or used to) for their IPv6
>> separately from IPv4 and to top it all off, it wasn't significantly
>> discounted.
>> -evt