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Switch with 10 Gig and GRE support in hardware.

Potentially the Cisco 4900M.  I can't find specifically about the GRE
support however.  My google-fu just finds discussion about v4 to v6
tunnels in software.  The chassis has 8 built-in ports and two expansion
modules that can each do another 4 TenG ports in a not-oversubscribed

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On 2/18/11 6:30 AM, "Matt Newsom" <matt.newsom at rackspace.com> wrote:

>                I am looking for a switch with a minimum of 12  X 10GE
>ports on it, that can has routing protocol support and can do GRE in
>hardware. Does anyone have a suggestion that might fit. Keep in mind I am
>looking for something in the 1-2U range and not a chassis.
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