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To the people who answer tech questions on this list

At 19:03 16/02/2011 -0800, Michael Dillon wrote:
>This list serves a number of purposes and one of them is to answer
>technical networking questions. But this list is also not the only
>place that these types of questions are asked. For instance, LinkedIn
>has a Q&A feature where people can ask and answer questions on a wide
>range of topics. Just today I came across this BGP question:
>I would never suggest that LinkedIn could replace the NANOG mailing
>list, but it is an interesting complement to it. There is a NANOG
>group here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=40718 and
>a number of people are using LinkedIn for professional purposes.

That would work if someone handled the join requests there.  My request to 
join that group after about 10 days is still "pending".