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Slaving the root and other top-level DNS zones

On 02/16/2011 22:16, Phil Regnauld wrote:
> Doug Barton (dougb) writes:
>> Actually it seems like you want to jump up and down on it. Given
>> that both the benefits and the potential problems have been
>> extensively debated elsewhere, I'll simply say that you raise
>> interesting questions that I think people interested in this method
>> should answer for themselves.
> 	So, you're advocating

This is the second time you've made this claim, I ignored it the first 
time, but let me be clear. I'm not advocating anything. Someone else 
asked if it made sense to do so, and I responded. Yes, the FreeBSD 
named.conf states that there are advantages to this method, it also 
states that there are things to be careful about.

>       a method that potentially fragilizes one's
> 	DNS infrastructure, but you're not providing factual data backing
> 	up the purported advantages,

Nope, I'm saying that it's all been discussed before, and this isn't the 
forum to discuss it in more detail.

>       and actually leave it up to the users to
> 	find out for themselves ?  Gee, that's a seller :)

I think you'd be pretty foolish to not carefully weigh the pros and cons 
for yourself before making any change of this nature to something as 
critical as DNS, and I include things that I _do_ advocate in that 
category like DNSSEC and IPv6.

>>>      Now, I'm not being skeptical here, but you put the arguments for
>>>      slaving the top level zones as a win-only situation.
>> And for me, and a lot of others it has been. If you have something
>> new to contribute in regards to the negatives I'm happy to listen,
>> although this might not be the best forum.
> 	Well, I was trying to raise constructive criticism - and hoped you
> 	would reply by providing links to resources/references summarizing the
> 	advantages, with more than empirical claims.
> 	But agreed, this is best discussed elsewhere :)

Funny how you keep saying that ....



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