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Slaving the root and other top-level DNS zones

Doug Barton (dougb) writes:
> Actually it seems like you want to jump up and down on it. Given
> that both the benefits and the potential problems have been
> extensively debated elsewhere, I'll simply say that you raise
> interesting questions that I think people interested in this method
> should answer for themselves.

	So, you're advocating a method that potentially fragilizes one's
	DNS infrastructure, but you're not providing factual data backing
	up the purported advantages, and actually leave it up to the users to
	find out for themselves ?  Gee, that's a seller :)

> >     Now, I'm not being skeptical here, but you put the arguments for
> >     slaving the top level zones as a win-only situation.
> And for me, and a lot of others it has been. If you have something
> new to contribute in regards to the negatives I'm happy to listen,
> although this might not be the best forum.

	Well, I was trying to raise constructive criticism - and hoped you
	would reply by providing links to resources/references summarizing the
	advantages, with more than empirical claims.

	But agreed, this is best discussed elsewhere :)