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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

On Sat, 12 Feb 2011 09:02:32 GMT, Adam Atkinson said:

> When I switched to ADSL I'm pretty sure I was offered the choice of a 
> single public IP address on the outside of my router, or a /29 public 
> range for my home network (and presumably also a public address for the 
> external interface of my router). I chose the former and don't regret 
> having done so. I can do a mixture of static and dynamic NAT to allow 
> things from the outside into particular internal hosts if I want do.
> This was in 2005, and I can very well believe this choice was not 
> available some time later.

It's more a business question.  If you're an ADSL provider, you probably want
to save "multiple public IP" as a feature so you can upsell customers to
"business class".  There's little business case for doing it by default for Joe
Sixpack (especially in a world where public IP's are getting scarce).

Fortunately, in IPv6 the bit boundaries have moved, so there's no scarcity
issue and "give everybody a /48 (or at least a /56)" is a no-brainer.
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