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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

On Feb 11, 2011, at 6:38 AM, Scott Helms wrote:

>> ISPs know it takes years to move a customer base.  They should have
>> been ready years ago.  They still arn't ready.  I was asking for
>> what features to look for in a new CPE so that it won't need to be
>> replaced when they turn on IPv6 and got this as a answer.  It really
>> isn't helpful.
> Mark,
>    I certainly wasn't trying to be flip or short and for that I apologize.  To answer the specific question on a CPE that depends both on what kind of access network you're connecting to as well as if its a service provider installed/supported device or one that a technical end user can support him/herself as those are very different use cases.
> The point I am trying to communicate is that CPE issue not simple, straightforward, or cheap because in almost all of the non-DOCSIS cases we're looking at forklift upgrades.
Yes, but, let's look at why that is...

The Broadband Forum sat on its ass and ignored IPv6. They failed to publish IPv6 standards
until November of last year.

This delayed the implementations in PON and DSL systems.

DOCSIS required forklift upgrades, too. The difference is that Cable Labs got out in front of the
issue and IPv6 was one of many features that required an upgrade to DOCSIS 3.

It's not like Broadband Forum didn't have this option.

Sorry... I have little sympathy on that one.