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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

On 2/9/2011 7:22 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> And some of their customers have been asking for IPv6 all along.
> I started asking my ISP at home in 2003.  I suspect if all the ISPs
> here were honest they would say that they have had a trickle of
> IPv6 requests for the last 8 years.
> Mark

Mark, I don't doubt that but request levels have to rise to a certain 
point.  I still get a trickle of requests for UUCP service along with 
other very low volume features/products.  Its the same thing as when you 
guys get a feature request for BIND or ISC DHCP that only a tiny 
fraction of your customers will use.  Everyone has to prioritize and 
given that all of the tech folks who wanted to get an IPv6 connection 
could do so via tunneling there has been absolutely 0 pressure from 
residential customers and very very little from commercial customers.  
The federal government's requirement generated a few months of interest 
until everyone figured out they could satisfy their requirements by 
setting a tunnel with HE.

Scott Helms
Vice President of Technology
ISP Alliance, Inc. DBA ZCorum
(678) 507-5000