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"Leasing" of space via non-connectivity providers

On Feb 10, 2011, at 3:13 AM, Jimmy Hess wrote:

> Perhaps the RIRs  should personally and directly  ask each /8  legacy
> holder to provide
> account of  their utilization  (which portions of the allocation is
> used, how many hosts),
> and  ASK  for each  unused   /22  [or shorter]  to be returned.

I've done close: contacted each one, explained the situation, and asked 
for whatever resources they can return to please return. This has yielded
results.  I have not asked for an account of their utilization.

> The legacy holders  might (or might not)  refuse.  They might (or
> might not)  tell the RIRs  "Hell no"
> In any case,  the  registry  should ASK   and   publish an  indication
> for each legacy /8 at least.

I asked them all.  Some have been returned, some are in progress, some
are opted to hold them to be monetized via the Specified Transfer policy.

> So the community will know which (if any)  legacy /8 holders are
> likely to be returning the community's
> IPv4 addresses  that they obtained but don't have need for.

There is likely to be another fractional /8 being returned, but not 
much more.

> The community should also know which /8  legacy holders say  "Hell no,
> we're keeping all our /8s,
> and not telling you how much of the community's IPv4 resources we're
> actually using".

As I did not explain in advance to each to the parties that their responses 
would be public, it would not be proper to publicly post the information.
Discussions with individual resource holders is treated as confidential 


John Curran
President and CEO