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"Leasing" of space via non-connectivity providers

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 01:13:49AM -0600, Jimmy Hess wrote:
> Perhaps the RIRs  should personally and directly  ask each /8  legacy
> holder to provide
> account of  their utilization  (which portions of the allocation is
> used, how many hosts),
> and  ASK  for each  unused   /22  [or shorter]  to be returned.

	And then they (read: their attorneys) fire back a "okay, who 
are you, and why do you have the right to ask us this question?"

	Or they cheerfully engage in some vigorous handwaving.

	Most of us living in a dual stack world really do not
need any more prefixes advertised, so cutting a bunch of discrete
/22s out of a /8 is not helpful.  The only people this benefits are 
the very few that might get some of the space.

	Even in the best possible situation (an entire /8 returned,)
which they'd be under NO obligation to consider doing -- it'd last
a few weeks.

	Under your scenario, you might scrounge together enough
/22s to last an RIR a couple of days.  Then what?

	That's an awful lot of pain for not much benefit.  

	Can we move on and stop trying to squeeze prefixes from
legacy holders?  What's done is done.