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Random Port Blocking at Hotels (was: Re: quietly....)

In message <BC81ACEA-8DEA-4380-8A57-A4F570E3C017 at megacity.org>, "Derek J. Balli
ng" writes:
> On Feb 5, 2011, at 8:14 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > I have told a hotel they need to install equipment that supports RA
> > guard as I've checked out.  This was a hotel that only offered IPv4.
> Wow... Could that be any more of a waste of yours and their time?

I put it writing so it could be sent to someone that could actually
do something about it.  I didn't expect the girl at the desk to do
anything about it other than make sure the report got to the right

I expressed in terms of this is a future problem and you need to
be planning for it.

Bitching about problems with hotels networks here doesn't get them
fixed.  Complaining, in writing, has a chance of getting the problem

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