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And so it ends...

On 2/5/2011 4:53 PM, Jimmy Hess wrote:
> *Since ARIN policy at the current time requires specified transfers be
> made through ARIN,
> and  the recipient of address has to meet a utilization criterion.
> No ad-hoc transfers would seem to be allowed by current ARIN policies,
> except non-permanent reassignments.

I think ARIN's stance is they can update whois and issue 
reallocations/assignment information into whois based on their Legacy 
status. If they want to permanently give their space to someone else, 
documentation wise, the most they can do is allocate the entire space to 
the other person. They are still considered the primary holder and the 
only thing that makes it "permanent" is the contract signed between them 
and the other party.

Given the reallocation, I'm sure the receiving party also can update whois.