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And so it ends...

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 1:24 PM, John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:
> ? ?ARIN allows legacy holders to update their registration information, in fact, we even allow such via ARIN Online. ?No agreement is required with ARIN; we provide this service as well as WHOIS and reverse DNS without charge.
> ? ? If you no longer want to use your address space, you may return it, or transfer according to the community developed policies.

I think he means to ask:    What happens if a legacy registrant (who
has not signed any RSA)
ad-hoc decided on their own that they
have  transferred   some portion of their space (or their entire
address space)  to a different organization
who was not named on the original IANA or  Internic registration,  and
the legacy resource holder
(or transfer recipient) cannot show their transfer was made
with/through the approval of IANA,
Internic, any RIR, etc,  under any legacy policy,   the legacy
registry did not reflect it,
 (so there is no existing 'official' record of a transfer).

Does ARIN recognize updates from organizations who claim that some
resources were transferred
to them by a legacy holder  and treat the transfer recipient as a
valid legacy resource holder?

Particularly....  in difficult  cases where the original legacy
resource holder is completely defunct; the
original organization named in the IANA or Internic registration might
have moved  (where multiple
organizations have similar names), be bankrupt, have merged, or
renamed itself,
no longer able to be contacted, and the "claimed holder"  might be
claiming the entire legacy
allocation was  transferred to them  (without WHOIS ever being updated) ?

Does ARIN recognize all transfers claimed by the verifiable original
legacy resource holder
and treat transfers they claim to have made as valid?  Or is some
proof required that any transfer
was made before ARIN existed  (if an ARIN transfer policy was not followed)?

Will they be allowed to update ARIN to reflect their  ad-hoc
"transfer"   (which did not occur
in a way that is valid under any current ARIN policy).

*Since ARIN policy at the current time requires specified transfers be
made through ARIN,
and  the recipient of address has to meet a utilization criterion.
No ad-hoc transfers would seem to be allowed by current ARIN policies,
except non-permanent reassignments.

For example, if a legacy registrant with a /8  decided      "One
particular /24  somewhere in the middle of
the assignment now permanently  belongs to   $OTHER_ENTITY"   Will
ARIN allow them to
update WHOIS with that, and from then on  treat $OTHER_ENTIY as a
legacy holder of that
one /24...
with $ORIGINAL_ENTITY treated as a legacy holder who 'owns' all the /8
 except one /24 ?

Will ARIN allow the legacy resource holder to indicate  "We have
(non-permanently) reallocated or
 sub-delegated such and such /24  to  $OTHER_ENTITY"
Even if the legacy holder  when obtaining the /8    was an "end user"
(and not an ISP)
when they obtained their legacy resources?

> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO