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In article <20110204225150.6FAC49B2854 at drugs.dv.isc.org>, Mark Andrews 
<marka at isc.org> writes

>> But NAT does have the useful (I think) side effect that I don't have to
>> renumber my network when I change upstream providers - whether that's
>> once every five years like I just did with my ADSL, or once every time
>> the new ADSL hiccups[1] now that I have a CPE with 3G failover.
>> [1] Seems to be about weekly, so far.
>And that can be pretty much automated these days.  Windows boxes
>if you let them will just register their new addresses in the DNS.
>MacOS also has the ability to do this as well.  You should be asking
>the other vendors for similar support.

And when my vendor is Sipura, or Sony[1], how does an individual small 
enterprise attract their attention and get the features added?

[1] Quite by accident I have three net-connected items of theirs, a 
PS/3, a TV and a mobile phone.
Roland Perry