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In article <alpine.BSF.2.00.1102041723070.54349 at murf.icantclick.org>, 
david raistrick <drais at icantclick.org> writes
>> But NAT does have the useful (I think) side effect that I don't have 
>>to  renumber my network when I change upstream providers - whether 
>>that's once
>But (what I keep being told) you should never have to renumber!  Get PI 
>space and insert magic here!

Part of the problem is knowing in advance what ISPs will and won't do. 
It's all very well saying one shouldn't patronise an ISP that blocks 
port 25, for example, but where is that documented before you buy?

[My current 3G supplier blocks port 25 sometimes, I've yet to work out 
the algorithm used, it flips every day or two].

So will the likes of Vodafone and t-mobile support the PI model 
described above?
Roland Perry