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In article <F05D77A9631CAE4097F7B69095F1B06F039104 at EX02.drtel.lan>, 
Brian Johnson <bjohnson at drtel.com> writes

>Some people have no perspective on what the Internet is and it's real 
>power. I've met too many people who claim to be "in the know" on these 
>topics that don't understand that NAT was designed for address 

Especially as most (I guess) users of NATing CPEs only have one dynamic 
IP address, of which they are generally oblivious.

I have a feeling that the first NAT box I had (maybe 12 years ago), 
connected to the Internet by dial-up, where traditionally the user 
inherits the IP address (singular) of the modem/gateway they dialled 
into, even if they have multiple hosts on their premises.

>That was the only/primary/driving real reason for its development. The 
>other "features" were side effects and are not intended to be solutions 
>to production issues.

But NAT does have the useful (I think) side effect that I don't have to 
renumber my network when I change upstream providers - whether that's 
once every five years like I just did with my ADSL, or once every time 
the new ADSL hiccups[1] now that I have a CPE with 3G failover.

[1] Seems to be about weekly, so far.
Roland Perry