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> From: "Brian Johnson" <bjohnson at drtel.com>

> This is exactly the problem we have. Some people have no perspective
> on what the Internet is and it's real power. I've met too many people
> who claim to be "in the know" on these topics that don't understand
> that NAT was designed for address preservation. That was the
> only/primary/driving real reason for its development. The other
> "features" were side effects and are not intended to be solutions to
> production issues.

"[were] not intended to be solutions to production issues" !=
"are not being depended on now".

> If I use a wrench to hammer nails, it may work fine, but when It comes
> to certain nails it may have issues. I'm using the tool for the wrong
> purpose. This is the folly of NAT.

Perhaps.  But that's not important, now.

-- jr 'Good luck.  We're all counting on you' a