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In message <4D4F27E4.6080604 at brightok.net>, Jack Bates writes:
> On 2/6/2011 4:44 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> >
> > PS3 will only be a problem if it doesn't work through double NAT
> > or there is no IPv4 path available.  Homes will be dual stacked for
> > the next 10 years or so even if the upstream is IPv6 only.  DS-Lite
> > or similar will provide a IPv4 path.  The DS-Lite service can be
> > supplied by anyone anywhere on the IPv6 Internet that has public
> > IPv4 addresses.
> >
> I could be wrong, but I believe the PS3, like many game systems, has 
> trouble with double NAT and supports end node game hosting, which will 
> break with double NAT on both ends; we'll see double NAT commonly on 
> both end points as we move forward if IPv4 is bothered to be supported 
> for long, especially if ds-lite doesn't become more prevalent in CPEs.

Note the CPE doesn't have to be the box they is offering the IPv4
connectivity to the net.  Any dual stack box on the net could do
the job provided it supports the B4 component. 

> Jack
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