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In message <WQE8G0a2F$SNFA9t at perry.co.uk>, Roland Perry writes:
> In article <20110204000954.A64C79A9FED at drugs.dv.isc.org>, Mark Andrews 
> <marka at isc.org> writes
> >> These are just my straw poll of what may be difficult for small
> >> enterprises in a change to IPv6.
> >
> >It isn't "change to", its "add IPv6".
> >
> >I expect to see IPv4 used for years inside homes and enterprises
> >where there is enough IPv4 addresses to meet the internal needs.
> >It's external communication which needs to switch to IPv6.  Internal
> >communication just comes along for the ride.
> If people start supplying CPE that are running IPv6 on the outside and 
> IPv4 NAT in the inside, then that would just fine, in the sense that the 
> users (in this case including the self-administrators of these small 
> enterprise networks) won't notice the difference.
> -- 
> Roland Perry

They exist are starting to exist and the feature sets keep expanding. I
just wish that all vendors would stop shipping IPv4 only equipement.

For example the D-LINK DIR-615 does just about everything upsteam
except SLAAC which you want if you want to insert it into the middle
of your network and not at the border.  I havn't explictly asked
D-LINK about SLAAC upstream but I couldn't find it in the manual.
Newer firmware I believe does PD (again not in the manuals on the

D-LINK claim they have routers that do 6rd.

The DIR-615 is priced within a home budget but at the upper end.

I was looking to buy one for home.

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