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In article <20110204000954.A64C79A9FED at drugs.dv.isc.org>, Mark Andrews 
<marka at isc.org> writes
>> These are just my straw poll of what may be difficult for small
>> enterprises in a change to IPv6.
>It isn't "change to", its "add IPv6".
>I expect to see IPv4 used for years inside homes and enterprises
>where there is enough IPv4 addresses to meet the internal needs.
>It's external communication which needs to switch to IPv6.  Internal
>communication just comes along for the ride.

If people start supplying CPE that are running IPv6 on the outside and 
IPv4 NAT in the inside, then that would just fine, in the sense that the 
users (in this case including the self-administrators of these small 
enterprise networks) won't notice the difference.
Roland Perry