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In article <20110203220604.A8BAE9A5102 at drugs.dv.isc.org>, Mark Andrews 
<marka at isc.org> writes

>> In any event, two of my applications are not IPv6 compatible, and would
>> require significant upgrading. And will my ADSL provider and my 3G
>> provider both switch to IPv6 at about the same time?
>You shouldn't have to care.  Properly written clients will connect
>over whatever is available without significant delay and since you
>are multi-homed

I'd call it more alternate-homed.

>you really do want your clients to be properly written.  If they are 
>not complain to your vendor as they are not meeting the RFC 1123 

One client is no longer maintained (but I am very attached to it). The 
other is nailed inside a five-year-old VoIP box and I suspect they'll 
say "buy a new one".

These are just my straw poll of what may be difficult for small 
enterprises in a change to IPv6.
Roland Perry