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On 2/2/2011 5:42 PM, Brian Johnson wrote:
> I must have missed something.  Why would u do NAT in IPv6?

1) To allow yourself to change or maintain multiple upstreams without 
2) To allow your IPv6-only hosts to reach IPv4 addresses, or vice versa.
3) To give all your outbound sessions a mutual appearance, so as to 
confound those attempting to build a profile of your activity.
4) To irritate the IPv6 faithful.
5) Because it is funny.
6) Because you have allocated a single address to a machine that later 
on actually represents n differerent actual network entities, and 
retrofitting them with their own unique IPv6 subnet presents a problem.
7) Because Iljitch bet you you couldn't, and you don't want to lose a bet.
8) Because chicks/dudes think it's hot.
9) Because you can.
10) Because it is the year 8585, and we're running low on IPv6 addresses.