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On Feb 2, 2011, at 5:22 PM, Randy Carpenter wrote:

>>>> One of the things I find frustrating about this is the cost of the
>>>> space. We're a very small shop and to add IPv6 addresses for
>>>> testing now we're looking at paying another $2,200 a year ($1,700
>>>> in the first
>>> Ooof. I didn't get that far - and hadn't realized the waiver was
>>> expired.
>>> That's a pretty signficant barrier to entry. :(
>> Um, I think you guys are mistaken...
>> You're talking about ISP pricing, not end-user pricing.
>> End user, a /48 will cost you $1,250 one-time and then it's part of
>> your usual $100/year that you would be
>> paying if you had an ASN or IPv4 space anyway.
>> Owen
> And, even if you are an ISP, you only pay the larger of the two fees if you have both v4 and v6. I'm not sure if that is permanent or not, though.
> -Randy

To the best of my knowledge, the board has no intention of changing that policy.

I'd be surprised if that were the case.