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On 2/1/2011 9:51 PM, Dave Israel wrote:
> They were features dreamed up by academics, theoreticians, and 
> purists, and opposed by operators.

You mean like the lack of Default Router in DHCPv6?

Don't get me wrong. I love RA. However, it is NOT a universal tool, and 
there are cases where Default Router via DHCPv6 would be more 
appropriate and easier to manage.

Case in point. If I hand out IA_NA or IA_TA to directly connected DSL 
hosts or CPEs, I have no need of RA. In addition, the load on my router 
is  increased by having to send RA to 3000+ interfaces, something that 
is absolutely not necessary in my deployment. I would even go as far to 
say that Default Router would be a good stateless option to hand out 
along with the DNS servers when customers do SLAAC with me.

I have also now seen 2 different vendor DSL modems which when not using 
PPPoE require a manually entered default router (ie, no RA support).