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AS numbers and multiple site best practices

I would say that the specifics you provide in your email are sufficient for ARIN to issue you a second ASN. There is really no other feasible way to deal with 2 separate multi-home sites that I can think of.


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> Are there any best practices or guidelines surrounding whether or not
> one should use the same or unique AS numbers when advertising via BGP
> from 2 or more physically separate locations? Each location would be
> advertising at least their own unique /24.
> My specific scenario is that we are moving our QA Lab to a datacenter
> that we will multi-home with two providers via BGP. We also plan to
> multi-home our corporate office with two providers (not likely to be
> the same providers) also via BGP. We currently have an AS that is in
> use for our multi-homed production data center. In the interest of
> keeping production totally segregated from QA/corp I would prefer to
> not use our production datacenter AS for our QA Lab or corporate
> network, but I've had trouble finding any technical reason not to use
> it. ARIN is asking for a detailed technical explanation to justify my
> request.
> Thanks in advance,
> -andy