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AS numbers and multiple site best practices

Are there any best practices or guidelines surrounding whether or not one should use the same or unique AS numbers when advertising via BGP from 2 or more physically separate locations?  Each location would be advertising at least their own unique /24.

My specific scenario is that we are moving our QA Lab to a datacenter that we will multi-home with two providers via BGP.  We also plan to multi-home our corporate office with two providers (not likely to be the same providers) also via BGP.  We currently have an AS that is in use for our multi-homed production data center.  In the interest of keeping production totally segregated from QA/corp I would prefer to not use our production datacenter AS for our QA Lab or corporate network, but I've had trouble finding any technical reason not to use it.  ARIN is asking for a detailed technical explanation to justify my request.

Thanks in advance,