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Redundant Array of Inexpensive ISP's?

Yes and no.

Yes, in that it does best path selection, no in that it does not use BGP, since low cost assumes DSL or cable, over which I've never seen BGP deployed.  This class of device assumes an appliance at each end.  Performance data is collected, compression and load balancing techniques applied, and a sum total improvement of capacity and reliability is achieved.

If you notice similarity between Talari and Route Science, they both do cover the same field and by several of the same people.  Also, there are several producers of BGP route selectors, netVMG (now FCP at InterNAP), Proficient Networks (InfiniRoute) and Cisco's follow-on product.

I have no direct experience with Talari appliances.


>The Talari device appears to operate like the old Routescience 
>Pathcontrol BGP load balancer circa 2002