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Redundant Array of Inexpensive ISP's?

Hello Tim,

a lot of our customers need a very stable Internet access got their
portable address space and their AS number from us (we are a LIR) and
connected to 2 or even more upstreams.

Sure, some of broadband ISPs didn't provide BGP for their clients, but
there are companies providing BGP over L2TP or GRE.

So all the solution costs ~$1000 one-time fee (PI/AS, BGP router like
Cisco or Quagga box, a bit consulting).

Good advice is to diverse upstreams by the media, i.e.
CaTV+DSL+Fiber+Radio, so if fiber to the house is cut - radio still working.

It is possible to integrate that to a complete service - i.e. install a
box that connects to 2-3 ISPs and "just works", but we haven't requests
to to that. Please, contact me off-list if somebody interesting in it.

Tim Utschig wrote:
> [Please reply off-list.  I'll summarize back to the list if there
> is more than a little interest in me doing so.]
> I'm curious if anyone has experience with products from Talari
> Networks, or anything similar, and would like to share.  Did they
> live up to your expectations?  Caveats?

Max Tulyev (MT6561-RIPE, 2:463/253 at FIDO)