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Redundant Array of Inexpensive ISP's?

The Talari device appears to operate like the old Routescience
Pathcontrol BGP load balancer circa 2002 (Routescience is now owned by
Avaya I believe). Routescience was able to compile the best path to
Internet BGP prefixes so that a web site could connect to multiple 2nd
tier ISPs (for circuit cost and redundancy reasons), and control the
Mbps traffic over the best path, irrespective of the BGP feed supplied
by the upstream ISP. In my experience devices such as Routescience
automated the tedious work of using CAIDA tools to manually calculate
the best BGP path to destination prefixes, and eliminated the almost
daily reconfiguration of BGP route maps on Internet border routers.

Routescience was a great product that put dashboard BGP routing control
in the hands of the network engineer, and saved MRC circuit costs to pay
for itself within a few months. 

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[Please reply off-list.  I'll summarize back to the list if there
is more than a little interest in me doing so.]

I'm curious if anyone has experience with products from Talari
Networks, or anything similar, and would like to share.  Did they
live up to your expectations?  Caveats?

   - Tim Utschig <tim at tetro.net>