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Cyclops: an open eye to your network (beta release)


Just to let you know about Cyclops (beta for now), a tool for topology  
visibility and real-time routing anomaly detection/alerting for  
service providers and enterprise networks. Cyclops uses real time data  
from hundreds of vantage points of route-views, ripe-ris, packet  
clearing house and Univ. of Colorado bgpmon to assess how the rest of  
the world is reaching your network.

Cyclops features include:
- real-time alerting of prefix hijacks and misconfigured announcements
- alerting of next-hop changes, AS in the middle (transit) and new  
- alerting of new AS neighbor (false link announcement/leakages)
- Global visibility on AS connectivity and prefix origins
- Monitoring of routes to critical infrastructure, e.g. DNS TLDs
- Anomaly listings (anomalous depeerings, bogus ASNs, bogon prefixes,  
long/short prefixes)

To register for Cyclops please visit:

To start configuring your network go to:
(need to be logged in)

You need to tell cyclops what are your prefixes, your ASNes and your  
neighbor ASNs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have questions/ 
comments/bug reports.

Thanks for being a Cycloper!

In name of the Cyclops Team