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[ih] Who Paid for the Internet? (was Re: sad news: Peter Kirstein)

 Olivier MJ Cr?pin-Leblond via Internet-history writes:

 > c. UKC UUCP Gateway - The UUCP gateway at the University of Kent at
 > Canterbury. It was impossible to send email out via this gateway if your
 > site was not registered with UKC. Incoming email through this route
 > would trigger an email sent to me telling me "A message has been
 > received for you. Please contact xxx to arrange for delivery of this
 > message". I think that later, it mentioned who the sender was so I could
 > email the sender to tell them to route via @uunet.uu.net or
 > @decwrl.dec.com or @uucp.sun.com or @cunyvm.cuny.edu should incoming be
 > via UKACRL --- all of the "free" paths.

At first all the uucp traffic from UKC was send to the CWI (mcvax) and
we moved them along. First via philabs and seismo and later other got
added, such as decvax. It was more or less during the start of EUnet.
We quickly switched to X.25 when that came a available and after we
saturated the cross atlantic X.25 link got a fixed line into seismo
first seismo and then later in moved to uunet. That connection used
(of course) TCP/IP. Something we did for all the fixed lines that got

Since we (CWI) didn't had any budget for all this and it was all
unofficial, the costs where shared with whoever was using mcvax as a

Only in November 1988 (See also
https://godfatherof.nl/media/inetaccess.jpg) we were allowed full
routing to the Internet.