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[ih] Who Paid for the Internet? (was Re: sad news: Peter Kirstein)

On 14-01-2020 02:03, Olivier MJ Cr?pin-Leblond wrote:

> One additional sad thing is that, as with every Commission project, the
> final document was dated 24 October 1995 and by then, with references
> from 1993 and 1994, a lot of the report was obsolete. And OSI vs. IP
> battle had already tipped to the advantage of IP. FYI Yahoo had been
> created in January 1994. WebCrawler in April 1994. Lycos in May 1994.
> Excite in October 1995. A definition of blindness on the old continent.

I think it was still in 1997 or 1998 that the head of one of the ESPRIT
projects we were involved in said "Sure, you can use TCP/IP - as long as
you run it over Euro-ISDN"...