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[ih] origins of the term "hyperlink"

I thought to check the on-line OED and here are its lists of citations:

As a noun:

[1982   Computerworld 29 Nov. 76/3   The software, called Hyper-Link, is made up of connection-oriented, end-to-end communications software modules designed to provide and fit into a layered hierarchy of protocols supporting multinetwork applications.]
1988   Jan. (title)    HyperLink magazine.
1989   Computers in Libraries (Nexis) Apr. 28   A command for more advanced users called Hyper, which allows us to create a hyperlink between records. For example, to find ?silkworm?, it is possible to create a hyperlink to ?mulberry?, since they live on the leaves of that tree.
1994   Sci. Amer. Nov. 96/2   Browsing easily by hyperlinks (the underlined or shaded/colored words that, when clicked, lead to the next documents).
1996   Internet World Apr. 20/2   Users enter the system via a hyperlink to search the maps for locations and information.
1999   N.Y. Rev. Bks. 18 Mar. 7/1   Start-up costs are high, because publishers need to design search engines and hyperlinks.

As a verb:

1988   MacUser (Nexis) July 19   Product compendiums (possibly hyperlinked to reviews).
1994   Internet World July 60/3   Digital claims to have hyperlinked more than 30 percent of the press releases, technical white papers, and systems catalogs available in its ftp archives.
2000   Guardian (Electronic ed.) 2 Dec. 20   Graphics, sound and video bring dry texts to life and students can choose to spend more time going into depth on particular subjects which they find difficult to grasp by hyperlinking to other pages on the CD-Rom or website.

   Brian Carpenter